Virtual Private Servers boost your Internet presence

VPS Servers For Larger Sites

If you want to boost your Internet presence, without paying for an entire server, the solution is the purchase of a virtual private server. Essentially, this enables the sharing of a secure and stable server resources in smaller parts.

GOZEN's VPS Server are powered by the latest Intel Hardware including extremely fast SSD Raid protected storage. Instant upgrades, 200Gbps network and 24/7 Support

Level RAM Swap SSD Cores Transfer IPv4 IPv6 Speed DDOS Location Price Order
VPS-1 512 MB 256 MB 25 GB 1 2 TB 1 1 100Mbps USA $128.36/yr   Configure
VPS-2 1 GB 512 MB 75 GB 1 3 TB 2 2 100Mbps USA $136.68/yr   Configure
VPS-3 2 GB 1 GB 150 GB 2 4 TB 2 2 100Mbps USA $14.98/mo   Configure
VPS-4 3 GB 1.5 GB 200 GB 2 5 TB 2 2 100Mbps USA $22.64/mo   Configure
VPS-5 4 GB 2 GB 250 GB 2 6 TB 2 2 100Mbps USA $30.29/mo   Configure
VPS-6 8 GB 4 GB 350 GB 4 7 TB 3 3 100Mbps USA $60.14/mo   Configure
VPS-7 16 GB 8 GB 450 GB 8 8 TB 3 3 100Mbps USA $90.21/mo   Configure


Our average server deployment time is under 5 minutes. You’ll have your server in minutes with your operating system installed and networking configured for you.

Our Dedicated and Virtual Private Servers (VPS) come included with basic DDoS IP Protection to make sure your services stay online no matter what. Our managed services are taken care of by our experts so you can focus on your business.